July 2, 2022: MSTR (MicroStrategy Inc.) Technical Analysis – Charts

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Price is consolidating.

Summary: There is some evidence of a possible low with bullish divergence, but an upwards breakout above 265 is required for confidence.



MSTR Chart Weekly 2022
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There is some bullish divergence between price and Money Flow after RSI reached oversold. But there is no bullish candlestick pattern and no push from volume for upwards movement.


MSTR Chart Daily 2022
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Price is consolidating with resistance about 265 and support about 142. Currently, price is close to the middle of this zone and Stochastics is neutral and close to 50. It is not clear if an upwards or downwards swing is underway. A breakout from this consolidation is required for confidence in the direction of the next trend.

Published @ 04:20 p.m. ET.

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