I’ve been trading for almost 15 years and tried several higher-profile Elliott Wave advisories before finding Pure Elliott Wave (PEW). The reason I consider PEW superior is Lara’s analytical rigor. She always presents an alternative count and the probability weighting of each count. In addition to her consistent and thorough application of EW rules, she presents classical analysis and where appropriate candlestick patterns. I use PEW as my high-level compass for probable direction in the major markets I follow. No service will be 100 percent accurate, but PEW always provides alternative counts and clear invalidation (exits) points so the terrain is clearer. If you’re a financial adviser, swing trader, or investor that wants a reliable roadmap as a foundation for your trading plan, I highly recommend PEW.



I am an engineer who enjoys trading as a hobby in my retirement. I have always been impressed with Elliott Wave (EW) theory. But there is more to it than meets the eye. It requires a thorough and exact understanding of the detail if one hopes to trade with it properly and confidently. I, therefore, signed up for Lara’s online course “Learn Pure Elliott Wave” and it has exceeded my expectations. She is a skilled educator in her own right and a very experienced EW technician. Lara has taken all the mystery out of EW and I am building experience annotating my own charts. I recommend her course wholeheartedly!

John LaMarre

Analyzing the markets is one of the hardest things to do. There are many varying opinions and it can be hard to determine what to do. The main thing that I love about Lara at Pure Elliott Wave is that she is systematic and methodical in her analysis. She follows that data and her analyses just make sense. I have learned a lot about Elliott Wave and Technical analysis through her weekly and intraweekly analyses. I now approach the markets in a more structured and organized way. I would highly recommend Lara’s analyses!


Toronto, Canada

I have been a subscriber to Lara’s Elliott Wave analysis service for many years. Over the years Lara’s analysis has helped tremendously in making key trading decisions. The analysis is presented in a clear manner without bias and always with an keen eye on possible alternate wave counts, which avoids becoming fixated on one particular wave count. Each wave count is presented in order of probability. Price levels / trend lines are often provided to indicate when a count should be discarded or its probability increased / reduced.


Isle of Man

I subscribe to the Bitcoin weekly analysis and I’ve been following this for about 1 year now.

As a high school teacher, I’m just a retail investor.

I gain the most value from analysis of the monthly and weekly charts. This is because I have a long-term time frame for this asset.

I appreciate that the wave counts have alternates based on probability which is itself based on classic analysis, and on Lara’s multiple years of professional experience with Elliot Wave.

As a retail investor there is a lot of noise to contend with in the investing media space. I have settled on PEW and Lara’s analysis alone when it comes to EW in order to gain a clear and considered signal to help with my decision-making process. I expect to remain subscribed to PEW for many years to come.

Paul Manning

High School teacher, New Zealand/Uzbekistan

I look forward to your daily analysis every evening and always log in on Fridays to get the weekly videos and get my game plan together for the next week. Your work is really sound and unbiased!


I am General Counsel at Valour Inc., a crypto securities provider (listed at the NEO-exchange in Toronto). While my (S&P500 only) subscription is private your analysis often times helps me to anticipate developments with regards to selected crypto underlyings (whether direct analysis or through some correlations with the Equities side).


Lara’s Elliot Wave course is exceptional… I was personally an intermediate practitioner of EW in my own analysis. However, to my surprise, I have learned something new with her great course. I did not know that a triangle cannot show up in the second position of an impulse. Just this little part was worthwhile to take the course, and there is so much more.


In this turbulent times, reliable and comprehensive analysis is essential. I have found Lara’s analysis to be precise and without the emotion and bias that is often prevalent with other analysts. I rely on her analysis to inform my own technical analysis that challenges my conclusions or helps confirm it without needless emotion. Elliott Waves are just one tool in a deep tool kit investors need to make effective decisions. Lara wisely understands that Elliott Waves can’t explain everything, but provide important guardrails and trend possibilities.

D. Metz

I’ve been utilizing Pure Elliott Wave for the past few months and it’s been highly beneficial and enlightening. Lara’s in-depth knowledge of Elliott Wave theory, and her ability to accurately identify wave counts, particularly in complex correction patterns, has greatly improved my own analyses and trading decisions. Her weekly videos and daily reports include key nuances of EW analysis, combined with objective market data and give a comprehensive look at price behavior. It’s also beneficial that Lara consistently presents an alternate wave count and demonstrates how the patterns would be interpreted in that alternative scenario. Overall, she provides an excellent service that is both educational and practical.

Dave K.

Oregon, USA

Hey Lara! I just wanted to let you know that I am still loving your Pure Elliot Wave analysis over the years. I am actually addicted because I watch for your commentary to come out hours before hand! Keep up the good work and thanks so much for all you do for us members!


Lara is an exceptional professional in practicing Elliott Wave (EW) analysis. EW is very difficult when dealing with corrections of the underlying security being analyzed. She is very open minded and is not afraid of taking an unpopular position because her analysis led to being so. Most of all, Lara is very interactive with her subscribers…. She answers every post that I make. This is great because this is a game of many possibilities and we need to play with probabilities.


I’m a co-founder of a bitcoin and ethereum hedge fund for the Futures market on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and I rely heavily on Lara’s guidance as a compass for the overall trends in the market. Her weekly updates on bitcoin, gold, oil, and SPX have been invaluable to me in making informed decisions for my fund. Her insights and analysis are always on point and presented in a clear and concise manner. I highly recommend Lara’s updates to anyone in the finance and investment industry, especially those in the cryptocurrency space. 

John Utley

I trust Lara over all other gold and silver advice, most is totally useless and misleading. I first found out about Elliott Wave when I came across Lara’s advice and was amazed that she was giving accurate predictions on gold and silver. I had no idea how that was possible. I did lots of research on Elliott Wave and still don’t understand much of it and don’t have to since I am now her subscriber and all I have to do is read her daily reports, where she explains it all and she points out her targets and what to watch for. I really love the huge potential profits with gold and silver, however wouldn’t trade them without Lara as too dangerous. She is the best and most detailed of the Elliott Wave advisors I have read. Lara saved me $3,000 since mid-September, when I thankfully took her advice and sold all my gold and silver and have been watching them both drop about 15% while waiting for Lara’s signal of right time to get back in gold and silver. Then I have the potential to get mega profits of up to 100%. Lara’s advice is a ‘must have’ it is safe and profitable and she even includes an Elliott Wave video about Gold 5 times weekly, love it!

R. B.

Toronto, Canada

Lara at Elliott Wave Gold provides a comprehensive, detailed, daily Elliott Wave count for Gold in both video and written form using the Frost/Prechter rules/guidelines. Daily and hourly charts are always provided occasionally supported by weekly, monthly, quarterly or 5 minute charts. There are a number of alternates provided with the preferred main count being determined as the one that has the more common structure (EG: expanded flat more likely to develop than a regular or running flat). This analysis is excellent, very objective, unbiased and well presented. Lara expresses her detailed, reliable and experienced knowledge of these rule/guidelines on a daily basis so anybody wanting to learn and understand them can do so very quickly and quite thoroughly. The Elliott Wave counts are supported by MACD and momentum analysis to help guide and determine whether in first/third/fifth wave or correcting. Weekly counts of oil and silver are also provided.

I use Lara’s analysis as support for my own trading and analysis rather than trading directly from it and very happy with this approach. There are alternates provided so determining which count is actually occurring is best left up to you rather than always accepting Lara’s main count. Sometimes we differ in what the count turns out to be and sometimes I am correct and other times she is. The point is it is a very reliable, thorough detailed, and well-presented Elliott Wave service that is great backup. I find it amazing that we can get such detailed and thorough analysis on a daily basis which helps a lot particularly at the times when wave counts are near impossible to figure out. Lara’s service is really very helpful and supportive and great backup.



I have been a member of Lara’s S&P service for a while now and jumped at the chance to get extra coverage by her in a new market. I find Lara’s clear graphics, videos and commentary to be unrivalled and having the Gold market to look at deepens one’s Elliott Wave knowledge as well as providing the chance to make more money.

Nick Denton


I have been receiving Lara’s gold service almost since inception, having discovered it when Googling for an Elliotician’s analysis of the gold market.

Since then I have been astounded by the accuracy of her projections. Almost as important are the alternatives that she provides as these allow for more accurate assessment of risk and enable ‘fine tuning’ of stop losses. I have been ‘trying’ to learn Elliott Wave analysis for several years and so I also regard her daily analysis as a teaching aid. The accuracy of her calculations, as well as her ability to recognise the wave patterns and apply the relevant rules, are extremely impressive. All of this has occurred during a very complex correctional period for gold. Lara is almost apologetic if her projections are out by 1 or 2 dollars.

It is also refreshing that she is unbiased in respect of the prevailing direction of the trend. Many years ago I used to follow Bob Prechter; he has nothing on Lara.

Dave Fox

Kalbarri, Western Australia

Lara’s Elliottwavegold reports are exactly what I want delivered almost immediately on or around the close of the US markets. I find the videos at approximately 5 to 8 minutes very clear and forthright with her cute “Kiwi” accent as a bonus. She seems to have mastered the micro wave counts and has been very accurate for short term traders. For the modest amount for the subscription, I would recommend her site to anyone who is trading precious metals short or medium term.

Richard Besner

Frank Z. - Australia

Lara is one of those very rare analysts out there who provides excellent quality technical analysis and a great example of Elliott Wave Theory in practice. What sets her apart is the clear explanation and detailed wave count that you can see in each report. The price direction and target forecasts have had remarkable accuracy so far, and has even weathered a few market events, major data releases and key price levels. In addition to the actual forecast, the way in which Lara explains the analysis in her videos is pleasantly refreshing and even helps you learn a thing or two. If you follow or trade Gold, Elliott Wave Gold is clearly a resource to consider.
Ashik Prasad


Connaissant la méthode Elliott pour l’avoir étudié ces dernières années, j’ai découvert de nombreuses approches elliottistes, pour revenir à la méthode classique.

La méthode Elliott est complexe, déroutante et demande du temps, de l’humilité, de la précision, et de la souplesse d’esprit, tout en respectant certaines règles impératives.

Mais elle est fascinante pour ceux qui savent la maitriser…

J’ai découvert il y a un mois (09/2013) le site internet d’Elliottwavegold, qui produit des analyses en vidéo et par courriel, de l’Or, du Pétrole, de la parité NZD/USD.

L’analyse juste, claire, argumentée et structurée sur différents horizons de temps, de la maitresse des lieux (LARA) m’ont tout de suite convaincu…

LARA, nous a montré dernièrement, toute sa maitrise de la technique et de la prévision, sur la récente baisse de l’OR (Cible 1220 $)…!

Un grand plaisir d’entendre sa voix et de la lire tous les jours.

Elle sait si bien surfer sur les vagues d’Elliot de l’hémisphère sud.

Go on, Lara…!


Knowing the Elliott method for studying the past few years, I discovered many elliottistes approaches to return to the conventional method.

Elliott method is complex, confusing and time consuming, humility, precision, and flexibility of mind, while respecting certain mandatory rules.

But it is fascinating for those who know the master…

I discovered it a month ago (09/ 2013) of the website Elliottwavegold, which produces analyzes video and email, Gold, Oil, the USD NZD.

The fair, clear analysis, reasoned and structured on different time horizons, the hostess ( LARA ) have convinced me immediately.

LARA, recently showed us all [her] mastery of technique and prediction, the recent decline in the OR ( Target $ 1220 )!

A great pleasure to hear her voice and read every day.

She knows so ride the waves of Elliot in the southern hemisphere .

Go on , Lara…

Antoine R.