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I have been using Lara’s analysis for 3 or 4 years now. I have found the weekly analysis to be insightful and focussed on imparting a lot of her experience to members.

Is it worth it? Is it cost effective? I think undoubtedly. I am definitely a fan. I do find the analysis extremely helpful as a path or guidelines of what is likely to unfold. I like the mix of EW and her other techniques to be frank as it does give her views an extra edge.

If I was asked what I would change or wish for, I would only say: more.

I trade professionally and Lara’s analysis won’t make you money per se, it’s not a sell this or buy this service, but it will sure as hell help you a great deal in narrowing down options and opening your eyes to possibilities and probabilities. It’s no none sense, concise and clear. Would recommend it to anyone, wholeheartedly. What is there not to like!

Omar Najia

Global Head of Derivatives, BBEnergy Gulf (DMCC), Dubai, UAE.

I have used Lara’s weekly elliott wave service for a number of years now and I find the level of detail in the videos and weekly updates really impressive. She is always open to alternative viewpoints and elliott wave counts suggested by members. Fantastic value for money and all-in-all a great service. Thanks Lara.

We all know that financial markets can seem irrational and chaotic. For the past several years, I have relied on Lara’s calm, objective approach to help make sense of the S&P 500, the market I follow most closely. She is hands-down the best Elliott Wave analyst anywhere, and an absolute master of conventional technical analysis besides. Lara is wise, impartial and nimble. She explains her every expectation with clarity and humility. If you’re reading this, you can stop looking — you have found the best.
Curt O.

Minneapolis, USA

Elliot wave must be one of the most difficult trading analysis to master and I know of professional traders that still after years of trying to analyse the markets using Elliot wave or similar analysis method battle to get it right. After following your analysis for months now I am really impressed how close you get to analysing and giving your subscribers the knowledge to make trading decisions. Elliot wave is not an exact science and has various outcomes but can still be a very effective tool that narrows down market direction and you are very skillful in analysing using Elliot wave. Just being able to count the different wave degree is an extremely difficult skill to master never mind using that skill to execute your trades successfully. With your service you provide the correct count and illuminate scenarios to give traders like myself an edge to become more profitable.
Keep up the good work Lara.
Denton Wilmot

Independent Financial Planner, Coralstone Bluestar Financial Advisory Services, South Africa

I have been charting the markets since the 70’s when a daily bar was added by hand at the end of the day. I find Lara’s analysis to be objective and thorough. That’s refreshing. It’s especially important to me that she follows a logical routine as she discusses the details of each chart. That leads to a much better understanding of the market, which certainly improves my trading decisions. Another valuable aspect of Lara’s service is the way her detailed analysis gives me the big picture about a particular market. That alone has been worth many times the cost of the subscription.
Steve F.

As someone who has been practicing technical analysis and Elliott wave theory since 2010 (and consider myself moderately advanced), I’ve found Lara’s Pure Elliott Wave service to provide me with a trusted second opinion on a major markets. Her methodology for analyzing stocks, commodities, and market is something that is missing from most Elliott wave practitioners. She always uses classical technical analysis to inform her wave structure and outlook. For those that don’t know, Lara is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), which means she knows what she is doing. Keep up the good work, Lara!
Michael B.

Systems Architect

I have been trading for several years. I would strongly recommend Pure Elliott Wave as along with invaluable technical analysis it offers a road-map to the charts, including some probable alternatives and potential targets which can help determine decent trade setups. Lara’s analysis is both objective and very thorough.

In addition I found the Learn Pure Elliott Wave course a great way to clarify and demystify Elliott Wave patterns within the markets, particularly when applying the various Elliott rules which can help simplify decisions. It was well presented with an original style and the topics were all covered well with feedback on hand to give a greater understanding.


Trader / Investor

I recently purchased Lara’s course and what can I say other than very impressive. Lara really goes through everything in detail and guides you through the whole process. Always available to answer any questions too. It’s far by the most detailed step by step Elliot course I have done by far but even for a newbie like me.

The Pure Elliott wave service provides exceptional value to the active trader by providing daily and detailed “most likely” and alternate roadmaps of the market expressed in the form of Elliott wave models of price action. The analysis quality is world class, backed by deep technical analysis and with identified confirmation and invalidation levels.

I have been subscribing to Lara’s weekly service for a few years now. I find her analysis to be refreshingly objective. She has a focus on Elliott wave but uses traditional technical analysis to support her main wave counts, or identifies where there are concerns between the two that need time to resolve. On the Elliott side I find her approach of assuring underlying counts support the broader count assuring and confidence building. While no forecasting mechanism can produce 100% accuracy her analysis shows a great deal of consistency in thought and confidence in the week or months direction for the markets she follows.

Baron L.

My journey with Elliott Wave analysis began in 2000, as I sought a technical tool to assist me in my finance career. I must say it was challenging to find analysts that held true to Elliott Wave principles and clarity without “fudging” the numbers. Lara has been a breath of fresh air and a new guiding light for the S&P 500 market. Either the short videos or the comprehensive charts will help any trader or professional at any level of experience with Elliott Wave. Thank you Lara!
Marc S.

Financial Advisor