August 1, 2022: HUT (Hut 8 Mining Corp.) Technical Analysis – Charts

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Summary: HUT may have formed a sustainable low in July 2022.



Hut Weekly 2022
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After ADX indicated a downwards trend, RSI reached oversold. There, a bullish candlestick pattern has formed that has support from volume. With volume continuing to strongly push price higher, this looks more like the start of a new bullish trend than a bounce within an ongoing bear market. However, it must be noted that this has happened before during January 2022 and yet the bear market continued. This time there is a longer run of bullish weekly candlesticks that have greater support from volume.


Hut Daily 2022
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The prior downwards trend reached very extreme. RSI reached oversold and exhibited bullish divergence. In this context a bullish candlestick pattern has formed on the daily chart, so it should be given weight.

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