MotiveWave Software – 2024 Spring Sale 25% Off

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MotiveWave Elliott Wave Software Spring 2024 Sale

Why Motive Wave?


  1. Elliott Wave: MotiveWave supports all Elliott Wave Patterns and Degrees. MotiveWave allows you to easily compose or decompose wave formations to multiple levels and perform time and ratio analysis on the waves to forecast future price direction and buy / sell points. All Elliott Wave Theory Rules and Guidelines are enforced in MotiveWave, with warnings on what rule or guideline has been broken so that you can adjust the placement of your count. This shortens your learning curve with Elliott Wave significantly and allows you to be more confident in your wave counts.

  2. Maximize Efficiency: MotiveWave just got even more powerful with the latest updates. Seize the chance to supercharge your workflow and maximize efficiency.
  3. Cost Savings: Enjoy significant savings with their exclusive Spring Sale pricing.
  4. Strategy Development and Back testing: Take your trading to the next level by creating and testing strategies with ease. The MotiveWave platform allows you to assess the viability of your trading approaches through robust back testing capabilities.
  5. Advanced Order Flow Analysis: Explore new dimensions in your trading with Order Flow analysis feature. Gain insights into market liquidity, spot potential reversals, and make more informed decisions with this powerful addition to your toolkit.
  6. Multi-Broker Support: Now, trading is even more flexible with MotiveWave Multi-Broker Support. Seamlessly connect to multiple brokers within a single platform, allowing you to execute trades and manage your portfolio across different accounts effortlessly.
  7. Unlock New Possibilities with the built in Trade Copier Feature: Seamless Account Synchronization, Multi-Broker Compatibility, Real-Time Trade Execution, Customizable Allocation, Risk Management Capabilities, User-Friendly Interface.

How to Purchase or Upgrade:


  1. New customers looking for a lease:
    1. Go to MotiveWave website to create a free trial account profile.
    2. Download MotiveWave platform and start up platform.
    3. Close platform and go to MotiveWave website.
    4. Enter the same email address you used to create the free trial at check out.
  1. Existing customers looking to upgrade lease edition:
    1. Go to MotiveWave website.
    2. Enter the same email address you used to create the free trial at check out.
    3. Once you purchase, your existing license key will be automatically updated and any unused time from your current lease will be added on to the new one. You’ll just need to restart MotiveWave to see the change under Help>About, in the software. Your next re-bill date will also show on your purchase receipt emailed to you.
    4. Existing leases/Payment plans cannot be cancelled and repurchased for 25% OFF only upgrades to a higher addition qualifies.
  1. Existing customers looking to upgrade from current fully paid editions to higher edition:
    1. Make sure your update and supports are not expired.
    2. If it is expired purchase updates and support **First**
    3. Reach out to MotiveWave to set up an upgrade.


The only products NOT included in the sale are the additional 1 Year of Updates and Support–they remain regular price. Discounted prices will be shown on MotiveWave Products page during the sale. * If you are on a lease or own a lower edition and want to upgrade to the lifetime license or a higher edition, please contact MotiveWave directly to find out what the specific cost would be for the upgrade.